Who We Are

The pleasure of eating at home

The most beautiful moment in a man’s everyday life is when he sits around a table with the people he loves, whether he is about to consume a sandwich or a delicious dish the magic of that moment is always the same: what surrounds us no longer has a weight, the mind relaxes, a sense of serenity and carefree pervades the senses, we are completely taken by ourselves, the need to recharge, to take a break and then leave.

This is what makes our business wonderful, that is, the opportunity to participate in this wonderful moment, bringing to the tables of your homes the best of our professionalism.

Our attention is focused on the customer and to make that moment even more unique, striving to the maximum in the care of every detail from the choice of raw materials to processing, delivering a unique product of its kind.

We believe in the power of a young passion, in the creation of a value and a culture that is to eat healthy and well shared as a real family.

Pinsa Store, pinseria online, was born from a project started in April 2008, in the heart of Irpinia with: PLEASURES OF THE PALATE.

Pure expression of the passion of its founder Uva Giovanni and his family for the world of catering and baking.

And it is precisely this passion, the beating heart of PLEASURES OF THE PALATE, that leads to a wide range of dough, meticulously studied and tested, as well as certified in their quality and taste.

The palate of the customer is continuously stimulated in tasting mixtures with organic wheat flour, with food hemp flour and multi cereals.

But the real delight is undoubtedly La Pinsa Romana born from the mixture of three flours: rice, wheat and soy, which make it highly digestible.

Culinary delights before being a company is a great family.