The Pinsa

The modern Pinsa Romana

The modern Pinsa comes from a reinterpretation of a recipe that dates back to the times of ancient Rome.

Its unmistakable fragrance and digestibility is obtained thanks to a long maturation, a leavening up to 72 hours, as well as a high hydration.

Its dough comes from the mixture of three flours, namely wheat that makes it possible to rise and the formation of a soft and elastic dough, the RICE that retains water during cooking giving greater digestibility to the dough and finally the SOY necessary for crumbliness and fragrance.

The flours together with the dried sour paste give a unique and unmistakable taste to the product.

Our Pinsa

Our Pinsa bases are handmade and strictly hand-laid, by our team of expert pinsaioli with a long career in the baking industry, led by Giovanni Uva.

The freshness and the absence of preservatives have been deliberately respected and obtained thanks to the choice of packaging in a protective atmosphere and not frozen or other, this implies rather short consumption times.

The product is packaged in bags in microns for food containing 1 base.

The bases can be stored in the fridge at a maximum temperature of +8 C 24 h from production, this implies packaging in isothermal food containers in polystyrene.

Useful tips

Enjoy your pinsa in 3 simple and fast steps:

  1. Remove the pinsa from the fridge and bring it to room temperature;
  2. Bake by placing the pinsa base on the perforated grill of your oven at 250 ºC for 8 minutes;
  3. Unleash your imagination, season and share your pinsa with those who make you happy.